Fortnite Terminator Trailer

21. jan.. 2021
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Sarah Conner and the T-800 Arrive Through the Zero Point
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  • Did anyone notice that John Jones, and John Conner have the same name there both John's! And they choose the movie with John Conner mostly in it. Is this a reference or a coincidence?

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  • Did anyone noticed the "among us" reference? Hint It is when the terminator is slowly engolfd by lava 0:02 And then I remembered that amung us took that sence. ugh

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  • Whats crazy is that this is the t800 model 100. Not the 101 that's actually a good guy.

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  • *terminator was an impostor.* *1 IMPOSTOR REMAINS.* You get the joke if you have played polus on among us lol

  • Is it just me or jonesy has been working out a bit💪🏻💪🏻

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  • When that robot from terminator made a thumbs up ya like from among us when you vote out a crewmate or imposter on polus in the lava the crewmate or imposter make a thumbs up.

  • This is also an Among Us reference, as, on one of the maps, if you have reveal when ejected on, and you eject an impostor, their thumb is up when they sink into lava

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  • Como alterar toda la realidad en 1 seg

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  • Terminator hand is super hot Agent Jonesy is superman xd

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  • Notice how his tie is now like OG jonesy. We’re going back

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  • This video is not predator trairel this trailer is t-800 trailer

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  • Whats funny is terminator dosent try to kill jonesy he just starts helping him with no reason or

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  • When you get ejected in Polus but the other imposter is a hacker:

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  • 0:02 “T-800 was an impostor”

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