Fortnite Predator Trailer

20. jan.. 2021
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The Predator Arrives Through the Zero Point in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5
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  • *I bet you won't like this*

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    • Why

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    • True

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    • U have a point

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    • I really liked your vids

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    • You guessed right

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  • My epic user name is Coltonfra

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  • Ok we can get R rated skins know whos next freddy or jason

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  • I used your code

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  • Check Intro Season 5 YFP

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  • holy moly

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  • i rememb watching the movie

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  • Yautja have got to be one of the coolest alien species ever

    Lewis BuckLewis BuckMåned siden
  • Be honest who’s harder Wolverine or Predator?

    Suliemanrocks16Suliemanrocks16Måned siden
  • Asuna Yuuki.

    Kara PearlKara PearlMåned siden
  • Is nobody gonna mention that they added a flipping killer to fortnite I mean

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  • ***EPIC***

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  • wtf was that

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  • he the Predator you fortnite

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  • I got it when it first came out👿

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  • I can’t wait to get it

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  • I got the skin

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  • Why can’t we just go to the fortnight channel

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  • Never ever going sleep again😰

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  • Fortnite copy’s films 🤡🤡🤡🤡

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  • 0:08 When i don't get homework done

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  • I Have the Predator skin it looks sick

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  • More like an alien 😑

  • 0:11

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  • fortnite sucks

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    Its l AxstroIts l AxstroMåned siden
  • Thanks for ruining predator epic

    Specific gaming For peopleSpecific gaming For peopleMåned siden
    • Checkmate

      Specific gaming For peopleSpecific gaming For peopleMåned siden
    • I will give you that the fugitive predator predator did use a gun but that was the only thing laying around for him to use if he already stocked up with wrist blades and a plasma caster he would not pick up the gun

      Specific gaming For peopleSpecific gaming For peopleMåned siden
    • @Specific gaming For people bruh did you watch the 2018 one rigth?

      Gg bro GgGg bro GgMåned siden
    • You do know the predator does not use guns

      Specific gaming For peopleSpecific gaming For peopleMåned siden
    • Stfu

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  • Now we wait for an alien skin

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  • cool?

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  • It just gets more dumber and dumber every time

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  • The boss Is too strong

    Evan aaron escott gonzalesEvan aaron escott gonzalesMåned siden
  • Comentario 1000

    gael yerefmygael yerefmyMåned siden
  • Predator: time to be monke

    Chara DreemurrChara DreemurrMåned siden
  • S13 Aquaman S14 wolverine S15 Predator who’s next epic?

    Anris UkaaaAnris UkaaaMåned siden
  • Predator is worse than wolwerine

    Raven 119Raven 119Måned siden
  • If your curious about watching the movie Predator and/or the Alien franchise and you’re young, don’t that shit’s nasty and it will scar your personality. Just play the video game.

    Toast Is An OreoToast Is An OreoMåned siden
    • I’m young and I watched predator and predator 2

      Link_on_TwitchLink_on_TwitchMåned siden
  • you need the battle pass for the predator right?

    fernando -fortnitefernando -fortniteMåned siden
  • Everybody pred skin is soooooo cooool! Me:why does he look like a difformed cat without his mask

    that guythat guyMåned siden
  • my friend just got the skin already :(

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    • I got it yesterday

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  • SO SCARY!,!!!!

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  • Fortnite kids when they watch predator for the first time: wow i cant believe they stole this guy from fortnite

    Dead By L3gionDead By L3gionMåned siden
    • Predator is for 18s only, I'm 8 years away from watching it.

      KibberKibberMåned siden
  • fortnite is runing everything posible

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  • Why does Fortnite ruin everything

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  • For anyone who hasn’t watched the predator movies,no fortnite didn’t make the predator

    Godzilla S.PGodzilla S.PMåned siden
  • She get a big brain

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  • Hi Guys (Infinite Royal Gamer) Thanks

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  • Heck yeah the predator skin

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  • Predator mouth looks like volaitles

  • ewwww

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  • I got this skin all ready

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  • Who would win Boba FEYT vs the predator or all smash characters vs boba fett and predator:includes the master hand crazy hand all bosses darkon and galeem

    Tristan RosalesTristan RosalesMåned siden
  • Guees i have a pradator skin

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  • Me dont play fortnite anymore

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  • Everyone: disliked that

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  • Where Agent 47 at tho

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  • Everybody: predator skin was cool Me: who is predator actually

    SZtwo gamersSZtwo gamersMåned siden
    • @Broflix ohh thank you now i know wut is predator

      SZtwo gamersSZtwo gamersMåned siden
    • @Broflix damn u have a lots of info

      yellow chickenyellow chickenMåned siden
    • @yellow chicken true, it also had a collaboration with the Xenomorphs from the alien franchise

      BroflixBroflixMåned siden
    • @Broflix sims like u watch it million times ha?😂😂😂

      yellow chickenyellow chickenMåned siden
    • The predator is a horror movie in the predator franchise of movies, he hunts worthy opponent’s in an ancient rite of passage

      BroflixBroflixMåned siden
  • 19 HOURS!!! IM IN LUCK

    Aurora MalliaAurora MalliaMåned siden
  • He really said reeeee

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  • Why is predator have a big head?. Its so easy to headshot

    alan dionisioalan dionisioMåned siden
  • I used your code

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  • Predator is very beautiful hahahahahha

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  • And at first sight to me he looked like a girl and the trick I did is keep your eye on the kill feed and let the enemies kill each other and get two people on predator and I got a blue pistol and spray predator and when he is invisible follow the footsteps on visual sound effects or wait until all the people have the skin so none goes there

    Daniel WalkerDaniel WalkerMåned siden
  • As well there's a zero point portal at steamy people think it's terminator and my brother thinks it's alien vs predator s ye I hope it is terminator because I don't now how fortnite are going to make an alien skin.

    Daniel WalkerDaniel WalkerMåned siden
  • I used your code Epic: Oluimo

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  • When someone copy's your homework and you get blamed for it... Your Reaction to that kid:

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  • Next thing you know, Epic, being the intellectuals they are, are probably gonna make a Xenomorph skin. Just wait for it.

    Kendrick EvansKendrick EvansMåned siden
    • Probably because of the movie aliens vs predators

      MewtwoMewtwoMåned siden
  • Brp you finna be scared when 3 red dots pop up on your Character

    BahtBahtMåned siden
  • There was a ship in the back, when heat vision came, you can see it

    Jaidev SinghJaidev SinghMåned siden
    • thats the moon and a cloud

      MaffTheMan YTMaffTheMan YTMåned siden
  • What y’all think the next season’s battle pass secret skin is gonna be ?

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  • I unlocked everthing already

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  • I’m done with epic. They’re so desperate 🙄

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